Saturday, February 20, 2016

Norah's Vintage Afghan: Block #1

Norah's Vintage Afghan

Block #1 is complete. This block is knit in Berroco Vintage worsted weight yarn in the "mochi" colorway.  I haven't blocked this yet but wanted to share some snapshots.  This was fun to do.  I was kind of worried the pattern instructions had me buy too much yarn; there are 20 blocks in the afghan and I purchased 20 skeins of yarn.  It turns out I used all but 19 grams of a 100 gram skein of yarn for this one block, so it appears I'll have leftover yarn but not a ton.  I am sure the leftovers will be great for some striped scarves, cowls, or hats. 

Just 19 grams of yarn left after completing block #1. 

On to the next block...


Sheila said...

So glad to see your first block. I am about half way done with the block and also wondered about the quantity of yarn. Anxious to see your next block!

Kim said...

Sheila, what yarn and what colors are you using for your afghan?

Sheila said...

Kim,I'm using the Berrocco Vintage in the same color wave as the PDF. I'm happy with the texture and how it's knitting up. What kind of circular needle and length are you using. I dropped my one needle a dozen times last night and it rolled away��and am thinking circular is in my future .

Kim said...

Sheila, those colors are great! I have never knit with Berroco Vintage worsted weight before this and I am enjoying working with it. I am using a cable that measures close to 23 inches so when I measure needle tip to needle I have about 32 inches of length to work with.

Sheila said...

Kim, thanks so much. I'm going to get one tomorrow ! Love that black currant color!

Madeline said...

Kim, I was also working on the same afghan and working on the first square using Chart 1. I am having some difficulty with the pattern. Instructions say to begin on WS working Row 1of Chart 1, on the diagram WS begins with D, work to B, repbetweenC and B and work through to A. So according to the chart for the WS it would be K3, P2,D4, P2, D4, P2, K9, and then repeat over again until all stitches(86) are used. I started with row 1 working from left to right, then for row 2 working from right to left K1, P6, sl2 on cn and hold in back K2, P2, p2, sl2 on cn hold in back K2, P2, p2, sl2 on cn and hold in back K2, P2, P2, k1.

My pattern is not coming correctly. Can you please tell me where and how you started square 1.


Kim said...

Hi Madeline: It's fun to know you are knitting this afghan as well. I think the pattern instructions could be changed to make it a little more clear; let me see if I can help.
You will work the 5 stitches between D and C ONLY one time.
Then you will work the 6 stitches between C and B over and over and over until you get to the last 9 stitches remaining on your needle.
When you get to the last 9 stitches on your needle, you have arrived at B. You work the 9 stitches between B and A ONLY 1 time and now you've completed Row 1.

So for Row 1, work the five stitches from D to C; specifically, (k3 p2) one time. Now you are at C. Now (k4 p2) over and over and over until you get to the last 9 stitches on the needles, which means you've arrived at B. The last nine stitches on the needle (B to A) are all knit stitches

So for Row 2, (k1 p6) one time. Now complete the cable highlighted in blue over the next 4 stitches. After you complete the cable (over 4 stitches), you will purl 2, and then you will complete the cable again (over 4 stitches). All across the row, you will complete the cable over 4 stitches, purl 2, complete the cable over 4 stitches, purl 2, over and over until you get to the last three stitches on your needle, and then you'll purl 2 and then knit 1, and you should be at the end of the row.

I so hope that I've helped you and not totally confused you. Once you get this pattern established, you can see if you are on track as you work across the rows. I look at the stitches in the row below and it often helps me see if I am on (or off) track. If you see a knit stitch the row below, then you probably will be knitting the stitch above it and the same goes for purls.

I'll keep watching for comments here if you have more questions.

Madeline said...


Thank you. Yes you have absolutely helped. I was working D to B, then C to B to A, then starting again at D to B, etc. So this clears it up D to C, C to B until the last 9, then to A. Yes, the instructions could have been a little clearer. Thank you again.

Kim said...

Yay! So glad that helped.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I just started this block and was instantly frustrated until I found your blog. Thank you so much for your answer to Madeline. It all of sudden became very clear what to do. Thanks for your expertise.

Kim said...

I am so glad to hear the comments helped. I am hoping to start another one of these blocks very soon. Too many wonderful projects; too little time! I'll do my best to discuss tips and tricks as I discover things about this challenging and complicated pattern.