Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chicago Socks

Chicago Socks

Just in time. These socks are done!
These socks are for my baby boy who will be 19 years old tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the first time I've not seen Zach on his birthday.  I went up to visit Zach at college last September, but Ron has not visited the campus yet.  So tomorrow Ron is driving up to college for a visit and will bring a little care package, including these socks.

Below, I am trying to take various measurements to know how long socks need to be for Zach.  His feet are Size 12. The measurement here is 6 1/2 inches from the edge of the heel flap to the beginning of the toe decreases.  After the last gusset decrease, I knit about 52 rounds before starting the toe decreases.

I sent Zach off to college with a similar looking pair of socks.  That pair was made in Wisdom Yarns "Seattle" (primarily dark teal green with lots of decorative stripes and designs in varying colors).  Those socks were knit two at a time, from the cuff down, on size 2.25 mm needles.  I definitely struggled to get the fit just right. I knew I had this other ball of Wisdom Yarns in my stash, so I figured I could adjust a few things and hopefully finish a pair of socks for Zach while he is away and they will fit a bit better this time around.

This color way is called "Chicago".  I cast on 68 stitches for this pair (the Seattle pair was knit with 64 stitches).  I still used the size 2.25 mm needles (40 inch long cable) and also knit these two at a time, from the cuff down.  I do have a confession to make though.  When I got to the heel, I took the socks off the long circular needle, and knit the heel flap, did the heel turn, and did all the gusset decreases on double pointed needles. These socks were languishing in my UFO pile because I DO NOT LIKE TO KNIT HEELS TWO AT A TIME FROM THE CUFF DOWN ON ONE LONG CIRCULAR NEEDLE.

When I knit this kind of heel on one circular needle, I find that I really struggle with the heel.  You just end up with so many stitches on the heel side of the circular needle after you pick up and knit stitches on both sides of the heel flap.  I find myself wrestling with it all too much as I work on the gusset decreases.  No fun!  Otherwise, I am a huge fan of knitting socks two at a time on one circular needle.

Recently I've heard about a heel called a Strong Heel.  It sounds as if it is very similar to the Fleegle Heel that I've used in TOE UP socks and you do not have to pick up and knit stitches. The Fleegle Heel is great when knitting socks two at a time on one circular needle from the TOE UP so I need to try a pair of socks from the CUFF DOWN, two at a time, using the Strong Heel. 

I'll keep you posted.

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