Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Traffic Island Socks

Traffic Island Socks

I made some modifications to this pattern. I made an afterthought heel instead of the heel flap and gusset called for in the pattern. I wanted the stripes to stay consistent so I stitched in a scrap of yarn where I wanted the heel to be. After I finished the toe, I went back to the heel and opened it up. I found it was helpful to insert the needles into the stitches above and below the scrap yarn before removing the scrap yarn (see below). 

Then I could safely remove the scrap yarn (below). 

Then I started knitting in the round again. I did pick up and knit two stitches on the right and left sides of the heel (4 stitches total). Then I completed decreases every other round just the same as the decreases for the toe.  The photo below shows the heel opened up before I started to knit again. 

In other words, a afterthought heel is also a two toed sock! Below is a close up shot of the heel. 

I wish these fit a bit more snuggly. I learned a bit with the afterthought heel. If I would have done fewer rounds in the heel, I think I would have had a snugger fit.  I also wish I would have decreased a few stitches in the foot portion for a snugger fit as well. I am glad to have these done. I am looking to ***hopefully*** finishing one more pair of socks in progress before casting on with some new yarn from my recent trip to the Yarn Fest!

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