Sunday, April 5, 2015

Craft Room Organization


I took a little time recently to clean and organize my craft room. 
It doesn't stay clean very long, but I am happy to have the space better organized.
I got these great industrial shelves at Sam's Club a few months back.  They have given me a ton of storage space.

This desk used to be in Zach's room but I am re-purposing it for a sewing table. It's great to get the TV up high like that (out of the way). I enjoy listening to it while I sew and stuff pillows or knit.

I am trying to hide a big box of stuffing and fabric scraps under my cutting and ironing table.  This table was the best purchase ever!

The sun was shining in so brightly, this photo came out a bit dark.  The futon is opened up like a bed and stays that way anymore (as opposed to having it folded up "couch style").  It makes for a great place to knit if I lean up against the wall and the dogs like to pile around me and nap when I knit.  Zach loves to hang out in here too.  He can stretch out, plug in his phone, read, and watch TV.  The doggies also like the futon to be in the flat position so they can look out the big windows to the front yard. 

The cradle is something my Grandpa made.  It must have been made around 1930 and features hand painted flowers. I have all my current knitting WIP's (works in progress) in the cradle in gallon sized zip close plastic bags. 

It's a bit messy but I am trying to stay organized.  Oh, I even got a little inexpensive stereo so I can listen to music in my craft room.  I have a few dozen music CD's I've accumulated in the past 20 plus years and I don't listen to any of them except for my short commute to and from work, so I am enjoying the stereo as well.  Such a cozy space I have; I am grateful for it!

I am slowly plugging along with pillow orders.  Sales are pretty consistent, but not so hectic that I can't also enjoy knitting here and there.  When I organized my craft room, I found an OBSCENE number of UFO's (unfinished objects) and WIP's.  I ended up unraveling a few projects, knowing I was so unhappy with them that I would never finish them.  For now, I am trying to finish up some WIP's and trying my hardest to NOT cast on anything new for a little while.

Happy Crafting!

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