Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly!

That's the name of this yarn's color way. These socks are knit in Knit Picks Stroll Hand Dyed.  They turned out great and fit like... Uhhhh!?  A glove?  No, they fit like socks made just for me by me!  

Yep, Etsy has slowed down just enough for me to indulge in a little knitting. Yippee!

I used 2.75 mm needles and cast on 56 stitches. I followed a pattern by Red Heart called "Self-striping Knit Socks".  I love this pattern; it's the first pattern I used when I learned to make socks. 

I actually got out of bed in time to graft the toe closed on sock #2 so I could wear these today. I wore a raspberry colored cardigan and black slacks and my Alegria shoes so my socks would peek out.  I have my own unique fashion sense I suppose. If any one comments about my socks, I say... "I have happy feet!" And then I rip off my shoe so they can see the whole sock. Yep. I am weird like that!

Love my Alegria shoes. Great to show off hand knit socks!

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