Friday, January 9, 2015

Home Improvement: Pergola Blinds

The weather in Southern Colorado has been crazy this week. It was 66 degrees on Tuesday then we woke up to freezing fog and rain on Wednesday. On Thursday we had warm temperatures again so we got out and hung these blinds on our backyard pergola. 

We custom ordered them from Home Depot. The blinds are fully open in these photos. We did not need them to go all the way down. 

Sandy photo bombed this picture!  She's posing so nicely. She's wearing my Boulderband headband; looks mighty cute on her. 

I would love to say the blinds went up in 20 minutes as the instructions suggested. We had to hang two sets of blinds; it took us three hours!  

We are DIY challenged. 

Below:  This is what the blinds block. We have a huge, mostly vacant lot behind us. At the far north end of the lot, there is a house. Just behind our fence is an old garage which is used infrequently as a welding shack. The homeowner's grown son runs a landscaping business in our area. He stores some equipment in the big lot. His employees meet up in the lot at the beginning of each day and they park cars back there. We had two cottonwood trees which blocked all of this for over 15 years. We had the trees removed last spring and we felt like we needed some privacy from the activity back there. Don't get me wrong... these are great neighbors. It just feels they can look up into the main living portion of our house right up over the fence. 

After our warm temperatures yesterday, we again had freezing rain this morning. It's an ice rink out there!  Today we took our home improvement efforts into the garage where it was a bit warmer. I'll show you the after photos soon!

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