Saturday, January 10, 2015

Home Improvement: Garage Organization

My husband retired from his job on December 31, 2014. I am not too far behind. I will be retired by the end of 2015. At work, lots of folks are retiring and we joke about the lists of "honeydews" their spouses have lined up for them. We have a list of projects we would like to accomplish and this task went rather quickly since we both rolled up our sleeves for a few hours yesterday.  We cleaned and organized our garage.

We bought these great industrial shelving units at Sam's Club. I put the same shelves in my craft room. They are under $100.00 and should last for a really long time. 

Since we enjoy being able to park two cars in the garage, we've been pretty good about throwing things out and not accumulating a bunch of stuff in the garage over the last 22.5 years, but yesterday we cleared out quite a lot and it feels really good to have it all tidied up. 

I suppose the walls could use a coat of paint. I painted them 22 years ago. I keep joking that I should probably paint them every 22 years whether it's needed or not. 

I still feel like our home feels NEW. Time flies!

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