Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Craft Room

This past summer, I was able to turn our spare bedroom into a Craft Room.  Yay!
This room has had a lot of purposes in the 21 plus years we've lived in this home. 
When we first moved in, this room was a multipurpose room: gym equipment, book shelf, computer, sewing. 
Then it was a nursery.  I sewed everything in a cute bear theme. Sweet!
Then it was a toddler room.  A blue race car bed and black and white checkered flags as a border up by the ceiling.  I sewed a black and white checkered comforter for the bed and black and white checkered pillow shams.  Fun!
When he got older and bigger, Zach moved into the "guest room" where there was a proper bed and a chest of drawers.  At that time, this spare room again became a multipurpose room.  We called it "the family room" but mostly it was storage and a place to play Wii or watch tv. 
The desk in the photo above used to be in Zach's bedroom but we moved it to the Craft Room and put the big tv on the top shelf. It's a great use of space and still great for tv watching and Wii playing.  I like the fact that the pale wood in the futon and the desk actually match.  I lucked out!
Opposite the tv, there is a futon and a nice big window. This is the sunniest room in the house. Sandy loves this room; so do I. 

Lots of storage on the desk.  Don't mind the messy-ness under the desk!  The big cupboard is full of Wii stuff.  The little drawer is full of thread and bobbins.  The fabric on top of the sewing machine cover is dog bone shaped pillows ready to be stitched.

This closet is packed full.  The chest of drawers is full of yarn.  Imagine that!
A little bit of storage behind the futon.  A bunch of completed pillows in the back corner and some yarn and project bags in the foreground.
The window has a nice shelf. I have a little Christmas tree on there next to the old handmade cradle my Dad's dad made.  It's hand painted with flowers, too.
My Great American Afghan is displayed in my Craft Room.  A bit of messy-ness next to that.  A few pillows which just need to be stitched shut and my BIG bag of poly-fiber fill for stuffing the pillows.  Maybe my Craft Room should be called "My Pillow Factory".

I always have this crew to keep me company as I sew, stuff, stitch...

My husband helped me hang up these lights on the underside of the shelf (just below the tv).  These lights are battery powered and are "under cabinet lights" (we found them at Sam's Club).  You screw a metal plate into the wood and then the lights have magnets that cling to the metal plate.

So there you have it... my Craft Room. I sure am enjoying it!

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Sanja T said...

Its always nice to have a space for yourself.

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