Monday, November 18, 2013

Bathroom update

Awhile back, I showed you our GREAT great room update. We've lived with some pretty ugly wall paper for 21 years.  I did not bother me when we first bought the house. The house was brand new and it was decorated with lots of wall paper.  The great room, the master bed room, and both bathrooms.  The sad thing about the wall paper was that the person who hung the wall paper neglected to do ANYTHING to prepare the dry wall before hanging the wall paper...
no paint
no sizing
no primer
just drywall

So when you go to remove the wall paper, wall damage is the end result. 

This is the second bathroom in the house.  There were actually three different wall papers in this room with the border running the perimeter of the entire room a few feet off of the ground.  The first picture shows the pattern on the upper half of the room. The second picture shows the wall paper which was round just the toilet area on the lower part of the wall.  I neglected to snap a photo of the wall paper on the lower part of the wall in the remainder of the room. It's basically a smaller scale version of the splashy flower pattern on the upper wall.

So these are just my before shots... just a teaser for you! 

I'll show you the AFTER pictures in a few days!  I want to take some daylight photos for you. Besides everyone is sleeping now.

More later.  :)

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