Saturday, November 16, 2013

Brief Berry Bliss Socks

Brief Berry Bliss Socks. 
Yes, you can make a pair of socks with a 50 gram ball of sock yarn.
Red Heart brand sock yarn "Heart and Sole with Aloe"
Colorway:  Berry Bliss

I brought home a LOT of sock yarn from my mom's stash after I visited my folks in Oregon a few months back. In the sock yarn, I found three balls of Red Heart brand "Heart and Sole" sock yarn with Aloe. These are 50 gram balls and none of the three balls were in the same colorway. I decided to see if I could squeeze one pair of short socks out of just one ball of yarn. It worked!

The colorway for this particular ball of yarn is called "Berry Bliss". I used my kitchen scale to weigh the yarn. I started winding the yarn into a ball and wound the yarn until I had exactly 1/2 the yarn (25 grams) in the first ball. Then I wound the remainder of the yarn into a second ball; this ensures the pattern repeat will go in the same direction. Then I examined both balls of yarn, pulling out a little slack, until I could find the color/pattern repeat. I used size 2.75 mm needles and cast on 60 stitches for these socks.

When I am trying to make matchy-matchy socks like these, I like to use two sets of needles so I can stop and start the various parts of the socks at the same color changes. For the cuffs, I did k2, p2 ribbing for 15 rounds and then I did 5 rounds of stockinette before starting the heel flap. I ended up picking up and knitting 17 stitches on both sides of the heel flap. I ended up adding a few extra rows to the heel flap because I was using the color changes as a guide more so than the number of rows in the heel flap. I love the way these socks turned out. I gave them to a friend as a surprise Birthday gift! I look forward to casting on two more pairs of short socks like these. They do go fast!

Thanks for all the beautiful sock yarn, Mom!

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