Friday, August 2, 2013

Great Chart for Sock Knitters

Shorty Socks
56 stitches per round
Size 2.75 mm needles
Loose fitting but still a good fit

I just finished up my "Moab at Dusk" socks not too long ago.  The socks turned out a bit too big.  Doh!  I hate it when that happens.  No worries... I found a good recipient for the socks.

You'd think all fingering or sock weight yarns would be created equally but they vary from super fine and kind of scrawny to very plump and squishy.  I have made socks with fingering or sock weight yarn with as few as 52 stitches per round and as many as 72 stitches per round on various sized needles, with good fitting socks being the end result.  Nuts. 

Moab at Dusk Socks
64 stitches per round
Size 2.75 mm needles
Too big
The "Moab at Dusk" pair of socks (the too big socks) were made on 2.75 mm needles with 64 stitches per round.  I decided I could have reduced the number of stitches to 56 stitches per round and THEN they would have fit.  Really you can make socks with any number of stitches per round; the trouble is figuring out how to turn the heel if you alter the number of stitches per round. 

Guess what? I found a great chart.  The chart gives instructions for how to turn the heel depending upon how many stitches you have per round.  The chart also gives instructions for quite a few different kinds of heels.  Good stuff!

So I cast on three pairs of socks this past week.  I know, it's a sickness really.  My Raverly friend, ColoradoMom, said she's signing me up for "Sock Knitters Anonymous".

Neopolitan Socks (shades of pink, brown, and off white)
52 stitches per round
Size 2.75 mm needles

My "Wasabi Peas Socks" have 60 stitches per round and are being knit on my 2.50 mm socks.  No picture of the Wasabi Socks yet.

Here is the link for the Sock Knitter's Chart:

I hope you find this helpful.

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