Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Socks

Just as soon as I finished my Little Owl Mittens a week or so ago, using the same needles I used for the mittens, I cast on a this pair of socks with yarn in in my stash.  Apparently, I don't like my sock needles to sit idle because I easily could have resumed work on other socks in progress... but no, I had to start a new pair.  These socks are knit in Berroco Comfort Sock yarn. I've used Berroco Sock yarn before but that yarn contained wool. I was surprised this yarn is only acrylic and nylon, just like the other Berroco "Comfort" yarns I frequently use.  I am pretty sure I got the yarn half price when my old yarn shop closed down. I used my friend's (Marilyn) sock pattern for this pair. It calls for casting on 52 stitches, which makes this a quick knit. 

They fit really well and they are super comfy and warm. Maybe too warm... either that... or I just had a hot flash.

Also, I mentioned the Little Owl Mittens above.  A few folks inquired if I would be adding eyes.  Yes, I just needed to find some little buttons and I found these at WalMart. They are little black buttons and I used black wool yarn so the button holes would not show.  The mittens do look much better now that the owls have eyes.

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