Saturday, February 23, 2013

Puerperium Cardigan: A Baby Sweater

Last weekend, I decided to venture in to the store called "Tuesday Morning" in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The store is really a mess and has the oddest assortment of random things at discounted prices.  Linens, teapots, cookware, bras, dog toys... and frequently... YARN!  I found a shelf that was a mess and there I found some sock yarn.  I was a bit disappointed by what I found but kept looking and found a cart full of dog toys and yarn a few aisles over.  The yarn in the cart was all the Araucania brand, which I had not seen before. I grabbed two skeins of plump cotton Araucania Ulmo Multy in two different colorways (thinking... if nothing else... I could make some beautiful dishcloths).  I also found three skeins of sock weight yarn (Araucania brand); two skeins are an aqua/teal green and one skein is a color I am calling "tennis ball yellowish-green".  I also got the sock yarn I initially found on the shelf (Wisdom Brand).  I had to buy it because the colorway is called "Seattle" and I like Seattle and the colors in the yarn really do remind me of Seattle.

When I got home from the store, I looked on Ravelry to see what other folks had made with these yarns.  I found this adorable baby sweater called "Puerperium Cardigan" and I realized the sweater could be made with one skein of the cotton Araucania Ulmo Multy.  I had the sweater whipped up in no time and it will be a great gift for a friend, Anne, who is expecting her first child in March... a baby girl if you couldn't tell. I'd like to make some booties or socks and maybe a hat in pink or lavender to match.  This pattern is FREE and is available on Ravelry; here is the LINK.

I kid you not, I think this may be my very favorite thing I have ever knit.  The yarn was only $4.99. I actually spent a bit more on the buttons.  I had to buy three packages of buttons so I could get seven plain pink buttons. The other pink buttons in the packages had stripes and polka dots and I just wanted the plain pink buttons.

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affectioknit said...

Love it!...especially the buttons!

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