Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Sewing... Market Bags

I have the sewing bug.  This week, I've been working on some market bags.  I found a pattern on line and the link is here:   

My sewing is not stellar but I am learning bits and pieces as I go.  This pattern challenged me in a few spots.  What I found very clever about this project is that you use a plastic bag from the store as a pattern!  I never noticed or paid much attention to the construction of plastic market bags but the handles are doubled up (two layers of plastic) and the sides of the plastic bags have a pleat or gusset so the bags expand a bit to hold more.  These aspects of plastic market bag construction are worked into the fabric version.  I like that the bag is lined which seems to make for a sturdier bag.  The seams are all enclosed so the bags will be easy to launder too. 
I used fabric I have on hand, both cotton. The bright blue pattern has a mottled appearance in person and the lining is tan in color with a cream-coled paisley design.  Now if I can just remember to bring these into the store and use them on a regular basis...  I think I would like to make more market bags; I might search on the internet to see if I can find another pattern to try.

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