Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Baker's Dozen

Thirteen chemo caps packaged and ready to go.  It's a good thing my husband and son have such big feet... nice big shoe boxes.

Each cap is in a gallon-sized zip close bag.  I include a personal note which includes the pattern name, type of yarn, fiber content, as well as care instructions.

I think when I talked to my acquaintenance at work, Dan, this time last year (he does volunteer work for Orchard of Hope) and I promised to make some caps for annual Walk of Hope, he suggested I make about 8 or 10 caps.  I said I'd shoot for 12. When I counted them today, I have 13.  Yay!  I made the final cap this weekend.

Lace Trimmed Chemo Cap by Mary Keenan
Berroco Comfort DK in "Rosebud"
I especially love the top of this cap.


Bonnie said...

A baker's dozen.... You are so generous with your time and talents. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Lovely hats. And they will be so appreciated.
Nic work.