Monday, May 21, 2012

Asymmetrical Cloche

Asymmetrical Cloche
I had hoped to have more caps done by now since my goal was to knit for my favorite charities this month and next month, but so far this is the only adult sized cap I've completed . I've made this cap two other times and I never seem to get the stitch number correct after the decreases in the brim. This time, I am also concerned I may have made the cap too long. And... I seem to notice funny looking spots in my stockinette stitching when I use cotton and I just don't get it.  I would like to get better at knitting with cotton since I understand chemo patients do enjoy cotton caps, especially in the approaching warmer months.

I feel pressed to get more hats done because I promised to make a number of hats for Orchard of Hope, which is an organization which helps folks living in the Fremont County (Colorado) area who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as their family members. They are having their Annual Walk on June 9, 2012, and I would like to have about 10 or 12 hats available at the registration desk for any folks who would like a cap.  Just as soon as I took this photo, I cast on another cap.  I am using more similar cotton yarn but am trying out a new pattern.  The yarn is from my Mom's Stash (Thanks, Mom!) and is Sierra Pacific Crafts Little Grins.
Asymmetrical Cloche pattern link can be found HERE.
The flower was my addition and is not part of the pattern in the link above.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a gorgeous hat. I love the slight irregular look that cotton often produces. I think it gives it a wonderful personal look (not machine made). In stores you often have to pay premium to get that look.
You are so very generous.

affectioknit said...

I love that hat!...the colours you chose are so pretty!

~Have a lovely day!

Kim said...

Thank you. I am growing accustomed to knitting with this yarn. Cotton is nice and cool and soft!