Friday, June 1, 2012

Cupcake Cap #2

Cupcake Cap for Camp Happy Times

I had a "light bulb" moment yesterday morning after casting on this rolled brim hat. I intended to make a rolled brim hat with a cupcake applique like I made the other day, but I deep in the cobwebs in my brain I remembered seeing these adorable mittens (Click HERE to see them) on Ravelry.  I added a little row of this cupcakes to this plain hat.  I've not done much "colorwork" like this.  I think I knit the cupcake rows too tightly. The hat sort of pulls in over these rows and when I put the hat on my foam hat stand, the poor little cupcakes get distorted.  Darn it!  Good idea for a cap; execution not so good. I will try again.  I hope a little girl with a small head picks this hat at Camp Happy Times.  If it's loose on the wearer's head, I think the cupcakes will still be discernible and cute.

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affectioknit said...

That tension can be a bugger...I think it's adorable!

~Have a lovely day!