Saturday, June 16, 2012

More sewing... a bunch of bags

I found this cute sewing project on Martha Stewart's website... It's a good thing...

Again, using items on hand, I made four of them. The website has a printable pattern template which requires enlarging. I took the pattern to my local print shop and they were able to enlarge it (200%) as recommended.  The printshop had a special printer which allowed the enlargement to be printed on one single page (cost $1.80). 

I remember I got this "kitchen looking" fabric from Michaels' Craft store a number of years ago. I tried to make quilted placemats but ended up with just one completed placemat which sits on our dining room table (to protect the wooden table when we set down serving dishes).  I am thinking this bag will be good for a lunch bag.  Better than a plastic market bag.

Two of these bags are lined with lavender fabric and one is lined with tan fabric.

I took a few photos of the three other bags in an effort to allow you to see how pretty the fabric is.  I can't recall when, where, or why I bought this amazing fabric. Both sides are very pretty. The "right" side of the fabric has streaks of metallic gold on it...

Ah, finally a photo which shows you the fabric in a flattering way!  I think these bags will be nice project bags for small to medium sized knitting projects. 

I had one problem with this pattern just like the problem I had with the market bags I made a few weeks back.  The project resembles a "tank top".  You first sew the tops of the handles and then the bottom curve of the bag. Then you sew the "neck" portion BUT you leave the "armholes" untouched. Eventually you have to fold under and iron/press the "armhole" portion (you have to leave it open for turning the bag inside out).  It was tricky to fold under, press, and stitch in these areas.  But as I am trying more and more patterns, and relearning things about sewing, the gears in my brain are turning and I am considering ways to modify the pattern to help me get over this hurdle.  On the Martha Stewart website, you can also watch a brief video about making this project.  Martha goes on and on about clipping the curves on both convex and concave curves. The written pattern doesn't mention this step. I was a bit lazy and I thought it was a bit tricky to clip curves on 1/4 inch seams but if I make this pattern again... I will clip the curves.  Listen to Martha. 

My mom taught me to clip the curves too.  Mom knows best, too!

Listen to your Mom! It's a good thing!


K2 said...

I remember how much you sewed when we were 'young'! It's great to see you back at it! Beautiful fabrics too!
Hugs! K2

Kim said...

I miss you K2!!!! Yes, when I was in high school, I sewed all those pencil skirts with the kick pleats and the darts. I sewed in the zipper but was always too lazy to add a button hole at the very top. So I used a safety pin and then put a belt over the top. Another fashion tragedy of the '80s!

K2 said...

I remember a jeans jacket you serged! Definitely 80's big drapey thing I thought was soooo cool! Of course my mom needed to get drunk to sew, so I'm still a wimp around a sewing machine! But, I can knit so not all is not lost! I love your cupcake hats!!!!

Kim said...

Oh yes. I DO remember that. I was always in a hurry to finish projects; I remember staying up really late so I could wear that denim jacket to school the next day. The sewing was sloppy (hurried) and I think it had a bunch of unfinished edges on the inside so the seams frayed all the time. Oh, that was a hideous, drapey '80s-sort-of-fashion-nightmare. Ahh, the memories! I bet it had big ol' shoulder pads! I remember your mom sewing but not the drinking! Doh! The things I missed. Yes, you do knit... beautifully I might add!