Monday, February 13, 2012

Mystery KAL is no longer a MYSTERY

Should you ever have the opportunity to participate in a Knit Along (KAL)... or better yet...
a Mystery KAL... I highly recommend going for it!

Around New Years, I learned about this Mystery KAL on a Ravelry group called "Susanna IC" which is pretty much a fan club for folks who drool over love to make the patterns designed by by Susanna IC.  She has beautiful designs.  Basically we were told how much yarn we would need, how many beads we would need, what size needles we would need, and in the end...we would have a crescent-shaped shawl. The pattern was given out in the form of "clues"; we received a total of six clues over the course of six weeks.  The end result is pictured above. 

I love my completed shawl.  I loved the mystery of not knowing what the shawl would look like in end. I loved seeing the shawls being knit by others in the group... the yarn choices, the beads, the variations.  I must confesss the pattern called for nupps.  Nupps are are much like bobbles.  To make a five stich nupp, for example, you k1,yo,k1,yo,k1 in one stich (from one stitch you create five stitches). Then on the next row, you purl those five stitches together. Nupps are known to be tricky, especially the part where you purl the five stitches together. I chickened out. I put beads in the place of nupps.  I am tempted to cast on another mystery KAL right away, but next time with nupps. 

If you are interested in this project, you can find the pattern on Ravelry by clicking HERE.  The project can be made in lace yarn, fingering or sock yarn, or worsted weight yarn.  Since I participated in the KAL, I got the pattern for free.  Many of Susanna IC's patterns are free, but there are several I am tempted to purchase and cast on... right away!


Anonymous said...

Lovely job... And I like how you blocked out your points. You've inspired me to get going on mine..I was delayed by the right needle size. Oh, and other UFOs. Knitsonplanes

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful.
I hope we'll get to see a picture of you wearing it.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

A perfect color for a spring shawl!