Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frustration... and Another Clapotis

I started a cute little project last weekend... "Le Weekend Shawlette"... so named because you could start it on a Friday evening and finish by Sunday.
I was cruising along. I finished the lace border several days ago and, on Thursday, I proceeded to the short row shaping so the straight lace border would magically morph into a crescent shaped shawl.

  After SEVERAL short rows, it decided to check my work to see if I had essentially the same number of stitches to the right and to the left of the short row shaping... I did NOT!  The short rows were shifted to the right... what happened!?

I went back to the pattern and realized I missed about six rows, with oodles of decreases, which should have been completed BETWEEN the lace border and the short row shaping.  I did not want to unknit stitch by stitch (lazy me!) so I just started ripping back.  UNFORTUNATELY, there weren't ANY rows of stockinette between the short rows and lace, and as I ripped back... I started to lose the lace pattern made up of oodles of yarn overs, ssks, ktogs, and S2KP's.  I made several desperate attempts to rip back to a row where I could recapture the 300 plus stitches. Eventually, I just gave up. 

Over 6,000 stitches... gone.
For some reason... I just did not have the heart to cast on the same "Le Weekend Shawlette" again. 

Meet Clapotis #2... she's looking a little crumpled at the moment, but I am looking forward to wearing this scarf.  I seriously did not see myself making another Clapotis EVER especially after I became so bored with Clapotis #1 just a few short weeks ago.  But there is something so appealing about the ingenious "fabric" one creates when knitting this project.  I am hoping some of the crumpliness will be resolved in blocking.  Clapotis #2 will be much smaller than Clapotis #1
(which reminds me.... I really need to post some photos of Clapotis #1).

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