Friday, September 23, 2011

Fruit Stripe Fingerless Mitts

Fruit Stripe Mitts

I used leftover Berroco Comfort DK yarn (from chemo caps) to make another pair of fingerless mitts (for a charity called Mitts of Steal... dialysis patients who suffer from cold hands).  I used the same pattern from a few weeks ago ("Emilee Dee Mitts" the pattern link is HERE); only this time I eliminated the lace and just knit in stockinette. 

I am calling these mitts "Fruit Stripe Mitts" because the colors remind me of fruit... the bottom blue reminds me of blueberries; the middle green reminds me of kiwis or granny smith apples, and the top purple reminds me of concord grapes. Why is it that yarn reminds me of food... silly girl. 

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