Friday, October 8, 2010

Chestnut Cable Cardigan is COMPLETE...FINALLY!!!!

While it's a nice big accomplishment to finish a big project, such as a sweater, it's also a big ol' relief.  After all that work you are thinking to yourself... do you like it? does it fit? is it what you hoped for? I am pretty happy with my Chestnut Cable Cardigan.  I got to wear my sweater to my Thursday knitting group; it was bit hot out for that, according to my husband, but that did not disuade me! Hee, hee.  It was still kind of hot out when we went to our son's football game, but I knew we'd be in the shade and the sun would be going down.  The game ran so long they actually had to turn the field lights on and I discovered my sweater is perfect for watching a football game on a beautiful autumn evening.
Lesson #1:

My sleeves could be a bit longer.  I discovered that when I got in the car and reached for the steering wheel!  Huh!?  Lesson learned: don't just look in the mirror when you are trying on a garment in progress.

Lesson #2:

When I knit the sweater, I knew I'd be going back and picking up and knitting stitches up and down the right and left fronts of the sweater. When making heels on socks, I've learned that if you slip one stitch at the beginning of each row, then there's a nice and obvious loop where you can easily pick up stitches.  I thought I'd "out smart" the pattern. At the beginning of each row, I slipped one stich.  When I went back to pick up and knit to add the ribbing edge, I ended up having only 1/2 as many stitches to pick up and knit.... if that makes sense.  I stewed about it for awhile and then decided to... pick up 1 stitch, cast on 1 stitch, pick up 1 stitch, cast on 1 stitch... all the way to have an appropriate number of stitches.  Phew! Problem solved.  Lesson learned:  Follow the instructions!  Don't think you are being clever and don't try out smart the pattern. Follow the instructions! Of course, if you are an experienced sweater knitter... you can wing it.  As for me, this is my FIRST adult sized sweater... I need to follow the instructions!

Lesson #3:

I made my button holes horizontal.  They are okay but not my favorite. I just sort of winged it. The bottom button hole was too big especially since the sweater tends pull toward the back. I made the button hole a bit smaller by closing it up with yarn and needle.  Do you like my buttons? I got them at my closing local yarn shop at 40% off.  Since I only used three buttons, it really wasn't a budget buster... even if I would have payed full price.  I LOVE my cool buttons. Lesson learned:  Cool buttons rock!  Don't scrimp on buttons; with all the work I put into this sweater, it deserved some nice buttons.

Lesson #4:

My mom has an awesome yarn stash. My mom allowed me to take this yarn home in my suitcase a few years back. Lion Brand "Wool-Ease" yarn in a heathered "chestnut" shade.  Thanks for the yarn, Mom!
Lesson learned:  Always listen to your Mom.  Mom's are very smart... especially if you have a mom who knits! 

Pattern source. 
If you'd like to see the pattern I used, click here to see the Lace Inset Cardi. If you look, you'll see I altered this pattern quite a lot.  See, I told you I am not good at following instructions!
The cable up and down the front is from "The Great American Aran Afghan" Book.
The cable on the sleeve is from the "The Great American Afghan" Book.


affectioknit said...

It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I loved reading about all your lessons - and YES the buttons are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

It is indeed so gorgeous and fits so perfectly. Great Job. Harriet