Sunday, October 17, 2010

Operation Holiday Stocking

I have been wanting to find a charity knitting project.  I even recently bought some yarn to make baby hats, only to find the yarn I bought was the wrong kind.... contained some wool, not good for little babies.  On Ravelry the other day, I found a perfect match for me: Operation Holiday Stocking (OHS).  Click HERE for the link. 

A number of year's back, a lady named Sue started this project. You can read more about OHS on her project web page. It's a rather cute story, but long story short... this project is all about making little holiday stockings for soldiers serving in the United States Armed Forces. The stockings are filled with goodies and then shipped off.  Can you imagine the smiles this must put on the faces of the young men and women who can't be at home with their loved ones during the holidays?  I don't know about you, but my Christmas stocking (lovingly prepared by my mom each year), was just about the best thing about Christmas for me when I was growing up.  (Thanks, Mom!)

I made two stockings this past week using the pattern I found on the OHS webpage (see two photos above).  But if you know me, I can't follow patterns (just like I can't follow recipes) with out "tweaking" things a bit.  Don't get me wrong... the pattern on the webpage is great.  The stockings are made on straight needles. After you knit the cuff, you do a series of short rows which magically creates a heel. Amazing to see it develop before your eyes. Problem is... you have to SEW a blasted seam to finish up the stocking.  I was knitting nicely but sewing poorly, so I modified the pattern so I could knit on my favorite pair of double pointed needles.  My little stack of stockings is piling up.  Sue at OHS would like to receive stockings prior to November 24, 2010; they will fill the stockings and ship them over Thanksgiving.  I plan to make as many as possible between now and then, but am looking forward to working on this project throughout the year for 2011.

Some stockings with my "tweaked" pattern (with traditional heel and gusset and toe).


Wool Free and Lovin' knit said...

Very cute and what a wonderful charity -- your stockings rock!

Anonymous said...

You rock Kim. Thanks for the continued support.

Sue from OHS.