Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Soup Bowl Cozy

Soup Bowl Cozy

This was Sunday's sewing project.  Quick, fun, easy, and practical.  I try to heat my soup in ceramic bowls (not plastic food storage containers), but sometimes my bowls get really HOT in the microwave oven.  I found this pattern tutorial on the internet.

I suppose you can make this project SAFE to put in the microwave oven, but I am just putting my hot bowl of soup in my bowl cozy after I heat up my soup in the microwave. I have been reading a bit on line about different types of batting and some battings are definitely NOT safe in the microwave oven.  From the sounds of it, you need all cotton batting, all cotton thread, and 100 percent cotton fabric for projects if you want to put them in the microwave.  Since I used miscellaneous old supplies for my bowl cozy and I am not certain of fabric content, I am erring on the safe side. Also, the microwave oven I have is a microwave/convection oven (I have only used the convection function one time!), and I read on line about specifically NOT putting these types of projects in microwave/convection ovens... so I am really erring on the side of caution.

This project was done just in time! Sunday, was a beautiful, sunny, and warm. We went for a great walk in the morning and a nice bike ride in the afternoon.  It was about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  And Monday...

It's a great day to sit inside and knit and sew and bake.

Here's the link for the Soup Bowl Cozy tutorial:


And here are a few more photos of my Soup Bowl Cozy.  I used a pretty orange fabric for the inside and a Southwestern print fabric for the outside.  The project is actually reversible.  For the project, you need just two 10 inch by 10 inch squares of fabric and two 10 inch by 10 inch squares of batting.  I used fusible fleece and I think this batting was a little too thick.

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