Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Building in Color: Panel #1 Completed

Building in Color: Panel #1

This is panel #1 from my Building in Color afghan project. The new-to-me-skill in this panel was Intarsia and it was not as difficult as I had imagined.  The trick is to lock or wrap your yarns together in a specific way when you switch from one color to another so that there is no hole or gap.  The pattern designer is Michelle Hunter and she as some excellent Intarsia videos on her website if you'd like to try out the Intarsia technique.

Here is a video about the Intarsia technique (click HERE to see the video).

When you make a panel such as mine, you have to use three balls of yarn (two taupe and one blue).  It gets cumbersome if the yarns get all twisted up.  Michelle posted another video to help you manage your yarn; it's a very cool trick really.  Click HERE to see the video about how to manage your yarn when knitting Intarsia. 

Below, you can see a photo of my completed panel. It's on the blocking mats on my craft table. 

Here's a photo of the backside of the panel. 

Below you can see a few photos of the panel in progress; yes, there is ALWAYS a dog or two on my lap!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Kim. You are such an awesome teacher. Thank you for sharing your progress. Love seeing the kids too.

Kim said...

Hi Ann: thanks for commenting. I missed seeing you at the shop yesterday.