Monday, January 16, 2017

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny

I love this little bunny; it was a super fun knit!  When I finished the bunny, I kept thinking "Funny Bunny" so I guess that's his name.  I used to love to read a book called "It's Not Easy Being a Bunny" to Zach when he was small (see the book HERE).  The bunny in the book is named P.J. Funnybunny.

This knitting pattern is called "Bonbon" and is available for purchase on Ravelry for $6.00.  Here is the LINK.  This is one of the most clever patterns I've ever followed and I am immensely impressed.  The pattern directs you to make the legs, arms, tail, and ears first and then you leave some live stitches at the end of each appendage.  Then as you knit the body, followed by the head, you are able to stitch the appendages into the body and head as you knit so there is no additional sewing at the end.  Brilliant!   

This pattern is by a designer named Susan Claudino.  You can see all of her cute patterns at this LINK.  I have made one other pattern by Susan Claudino and that pattern is called "Voo Doo You Love Me?"'; you can see that cute little bugger HERE.  The Voo Doo pattern is such that you have to sew the arms and legs on after you sew the head and body. I much preferred the technique in the bunny where the arms/legs/ears/tail were knit into the body and head as you go.  Very clever!   

Here are a few more photos of Funny Bunny.  But first, I should add that Funny Bunny is knit in Cascade Superwash 220 Paints in the "Fruit Smoothie" colorway. My friend, Belinda, and I thought we could get two bunnies out of one ball of yarn so we bought this yarn together and split up the ball.  Perhaps if I would have used smaller needles I would have not run out of yarn, but I did. So the tail and the lower halves of the ears are knit in Berroco Vintage worsted weight yarn in the "Mochi" colorway.  Funny Bunny is definitely one of a kind with his two-toned ears.

I should mention the pattern does include instructions for how to stich a nose and mouth onto the bunny but I find that hard to get just right. I might just leave Funny Bunny's face as is.  I think he has plenty of character just as he is.


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