Monday, November 16, 2015

Building Blocks: Block #7

Whoops. I knit Block #7 before Block #6. 

The photos of this block are not so great. Sorry about that.  This block uses a Mock Cable design.  No cable needle is needed to make this cool looking pattern.  The pattern is created by a four row repeat and the twisted stitch is created by a 'slip 1, knit 2, pass the slipped stitch over the two knit stitches (psso=pass the slipped stitch over)'. Since you lose a stitch in the process of the psso, on the next row you add a yarn over to get back on track with the correct number of stitches. The yarn over also creates an eyelet hole which is a great looking design element.

I like the Mock Cable pattern so much that I decided to incorporate the Mock Cable design in a pair of socks I started knitting yesterday.  More about that another day.

I LOVED knitting this block and I love how it turned out. This is going to be a very fun class to teach. 

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