Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Building Blocks: Block #3

An update on my progress on my Building Blocks afghan.  I whipped through Block #3 in no time at all. I am finding that if I just focus on my blocks (an not knit on other projects), I can finish a block in just a few evenings.

As I am sure you can tell from the photos, this block features eyelet and bobbles.  I think this square goes quickly since there is a lot of plain stockinette stitching between the rows of eyelet and bobbles.  I love what great variety there is the Building Blocks patterns.  This is a VERY fun project!

When I hold the class where we work on Block #3, the skills we will focus on will include:
  • making eyelet / how to complete "yarnovers"
  • making bobbles
As I knit through these blocks, I am getting more and more excited about teaching my Building Blocks classes starting in January!  I am not, however, looking forward to sewing my blocks together.  Argh!  I should be a bit easier since I am just using one color, right?

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