Saturday, October 4, 2014

Neon Ribbed Socks

Happy Feet!
I have slowly been finishing up my socks. I've actually had them finished for a few weeks except for the grafting the toes closed with the Kitchner stitch and weaving in the loose ends. I wore them to Zach's tennis match on Friday (yesterday). Good thing I had some new socks; it was cold outside!

Oh, that turned out a little blurry but isn't this yarn amazing?!
It's called Manos del Uruguay Alegria and I got it "For Yarn's Sake" in Beaverton, Oregon.
I snapped this photo at my local yarn shop. They always have cute fabric on the table in the shop.
The pattern for these socks is called "Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet" by Susan B. Anderson (the pattern is FREE).  They are for adult sized feet, as opposed to child size feet... not BIG feet per se.  The pattern makes the best fitting sock since the sock leg and the top of the foot is all knit in k3 p1 ribbing. You can find a CHILD sized version of this pattern HERE.

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