Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mini-Mittens: My FIRST Knitting Class


What fun! On September 27, 2014, I taught my very first knitting class!  I had six participants in my Mini-mitten class. I think the participants had a good time and learned what they hoped to learn.  Truth be told, this being my first teaching experience like this, I learned a lot as well. 

Would you like to see what we made?

Above you see Mrs. C's mini-mitten knit in fingering weight yarn.
This is yarn she had left over from a pair of socks she had knit a number of years ago. 

Above:  Mrs. B knit her mini-mitten in Berroco Comfort DK.  She knit a seed stitch cuff instead of a k1 p1 ribbed cuff and it looks super cute and feminine.  After the class, Mrs. B knit up a second mitten and sent me these two adorable photos of her handy work.

Above:  Mrs. G also knit her mini-mitten in Berroco Comfort DK. 
I love the little flecks of color in this yarn.

Above:  Mrs. C knit her mini-mitten in a hot pink fingering weight yarn. I love how her mitten turned out; the thumb is especially nicely shaped I think.

Above:  Mrs. F knit her mini-mitten in Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn.  This lady is a perfectionist and made a super cute and tidy mitten. She even turned her mitten inside out to work in all the loose ends. 
Above:  Mrs. S knit her mini-mitten in Plymouth Diversity.
Mrs S. had started off her mittens with a dark purple yarn with dark colored double pointed needles and it was difficult to see her stitches well. She opted for this lighter colored yarn that I brought to the class which was ironic because this yarn was leftover from a pair of socks I knit for Mrs. S.

After the class, Mrs. S finished up a second mitten and sent me a photo of her beautiful mittens (below).
For the class, I brought some apple cider with a cinnamon stick; it was simmering in a Crock Pot while we knit.  When folks took breaks, they could have a nice cup of hot cider. I also brought some Vegan Molasses Crinkles and some store bought cookies.  It was a really fun time. After the class, Mrs. S and I went out for lunch.  We talked about the class; what was good, what could be improved, what would make the class better.  I appreciated her giving me feed back like this so I can improve on my teaching skills. If you interested in make mini-mittens, here are some pattern links.


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