Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Facebook Hat

Knotted Rib Hat Pattern

I love making things for Etsy, but sometimes I feel a bit of anxiety, a bit overwhelmed... as in, "what was I thinking opening an Etsy shop with a full time job, a family, two puppies..." and so on. The other day I was browsing through Facebook and I saw a pattern for a nice cabled hat and it was made from Cascade 220 Superwash on size 7 circular needles. I have that! I can make that! So I grabbed the ball of yarn and found the needles and, with two puppies in my lap, I tried to cast on. I struggled to find the loose end of the yarn to cast on and, as luck would have it, I grabbed both loose ends of yarn. Before I knew it, I had a gob of a knotted mess. Did I tell you the puppies like yarn, just like cats? It was a disaster; I'll spare you the details. The puppies now have a little ball of nice lavender superwash yarn to play with and finally I got the knotted mess of yarn sorted out. I finally cast on the hat... the next day. 

 Hello, Old Friend. Hat knitting... I've missed you!

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