Saturday, March 29, 2014

A little bit more sewing... I "sew" hope you don't mind (groan!)

Okay, I'll try to knit a bit more so I can "talk knitting" but I wanted to show you a few more sewing projects in the next few posts.  Yes, I have been doing a lot of sewing and am enjoying it.

I found a cute pre-printed "look and find" book when I was looking at fabric on the Internet a few weeks back. This came from another great source for fabric on-line. This website is called "Never Enough Fabric" (  Their prices are VERY good.  Many fabric suppliers charge around $10.50 for a yard of nice fabric.  On Never Enough Fabric, I have paid significantly less. The other thing that I like about this source is that the website generates a shipping cost estimate and if the website over estimates the charges, the shop refunds any overage charged to the penny.  That is very honest and I appreciate it!

Here's the little book.  It would be great for a little boy toddler. A great introduction to books.

 This is the front of the book...
This is the center of the book... the book focuses on numbers and colors... can you find the yellow bulldozer... can you find four motorcycles?  I was thinking of other fabric in my stash when I was stitching the book together.  I could make a pillow to match the book.
... and better yet... it would be cool if the pillow had a pocket and the book fit IN the pocket!

I felt pretty clever. :)
And being the mom of a boy, I knew it would be a good idea if the pillow cover was actually easily removed and easily laundered.  I found a 16" x 16" pillow form and popped that in the pillow cover.  Easy Peasy! 


Anonymous said...

So very clever. What an adorable gift this would make. You are indeed a Most Clever Person.

Anonymous said...

In looking at your blog, I love your knitted hats, especially the 3AM Cable hat in worsted weight yarn. Would you be willing to share that pattern with me? My email address is Thanks so much!

Kim said... I am glad you enjoy this blog. I will most certainly send you an email about the pattern called "3AM Cable Hat". I will add the link here and also go back and try to add the link to the post about hat. The first time I make a hat, I am pretty good about noting the pattern source, but when I make the hat over and over and post about it a few times, I know I don't always add the link information. Here's a link for the "3AM Cable Hat":