Friday, July 19, 2013

Moab at Dusk Socks

I rambled on and on about these socks several weeks ago in THIS POST.  The yarn is called "Chili" and, as I knit these socks, I just could not get over the fact that the colors in the yarn looked nothing like any kind of "Chili" I know.

I renamed the yarn "Moab at Dusk".  By the way, I am expecting a phone call from Premier Yarns any day now as I am certain they will want to hire me when I retire in October 2015, to be their Go-to-Girl in Charge of Yarn Naming.  Ha, ha!

The socks were knit on my favorite needles (I have two sets of 2.75 mm needles and I like to make my stripey-stripey socks very matchey-matchey so using two sets of dpns to knit the socks two at a time on two sets of needles works for me).  Was that a run on sentence?  Phew, I am out of breath!

Turns out these socks are a little too big for me.  Some day I will accept that 2.75 mm needles and 64 stitches per round just doesn't work for me.  And 2.25 mm needles with 64 stitches also just doesn't work for me.  But you see, my 2.50 mm needles are tied up in ANOTHER pair of socks. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me to finish THAT pair of socks so I can rescue the needles?  Or perhaps the Universe is telling me to buy more sock needles?

Wouldn't you know, as I was finishing up these socks and sort of kicking myself for making them too large, an email popped up from someone dear to me.  She's told me a time or two that she's been having some swelling in her ankles and many of her socks are too tight and uncomfortable.  I thought to myself, "Hey, she could use a pair of loose fitting socks!"  And her birthday is in August.  Perfect!  I love it when the Universe speaks to me. 


Haven't been finding much time to knit lately. Going for lots of walks with our puppy, Sandy.  It feels great to be getting out more in the nice weather. 

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