Monday, May 6, 2013

Puerperium #2

Not too terribly long ago, I ventured into the store called Tuesday Morning.  I go in there because I know... sometimes... they have yarn.  Seriously, this place is a train wreck and it has the most random assortment to "stuff" all over the store and you never quite know what you'll find... pots and pans, cosmetics, luggage, small appliances, clothing, yarn... no rhyme or reason... just "stuff".  "Stuff" at discounted prices I guess...

But... like I said... I go in there to see if they have yarn and because, if they have yarn, the prices are good.

I found a shelf or two with yarn and the balls and skeins were sort of unraveling all over the place, but over an aisle or two... mixed in with some dog toys (seriously!)... I found a shopping cart with some yarn.  Araucania yarn... not sure if I had heard of it before or not.  Two skeins of colorful variegated cotton, two skeins of a greenish-jade-emerald-sort-of-color of fingering weight yarn, and one skein of fingering weight yarn in a colorway I am calling "tennis ball yellowish-green".  I bought it all plus a ball of yarn from two aisles over in a colorway called "Seattle". Yep, I like Seattle a LOT and the colors in the yarn did remind me of Seattle... so there you go. 

One of the variegated cotton skeins was knit up into a baby sweater called "Puerperium".  I made a long- sleeved version and nearly ran out of yarn. This week I made a sort-sleeved version.  Isn't it sweet? I may have enough yarn to make some baby booties, but I've not gotten around to that yet.

The Puerperium pattern is free on Ravelry. The link is HERE.
A larger version of the pattern (not free) is available HERE.
Both are very popular patterns.
I can see myself knitting this pattern a lot in the future.  It's such a great baby shower gift!

I still don't know how to pronounce Puerperium but my curiousity got the best of me;
I had to "Google" the definition.  Now I know.

1. The state of a woman during childbirth or immediately thereafter.
2. The approximate six-week period lasting from childbirth to the return of normal uterine size.

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