Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Skew: Pair No. 2

I had so much fun making my Skew Socks that I've cast on another pair.  I have actually had sock #1 done since Memorial Day which means I need to cast on sock #2. For this pair of socks, I am knitting the socks one at a time (obviously), but I am knitting each sock on two pairs of circular needles. 

This is a new-to-me technique, but I really like it. The needles are 24 inches long. When I knit socks two at a time on one 40 inch circular needle (Magic Loop), I found I was always fighting with the long cable. This is not the case with the two shorter circular needles. 

Here is sock #1. I love it! I took this photo at my local knit shop. 

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Anonymous said...

Kim - I love your blogs. Thank you so much for using pictures from the shop and for your continued support. Keep up the great work. A