Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Socks for my Baby Boy

Finally done!

These are the socks I was calling my Ben and Jerry's Socks because, in the first few of knitting, the colors reminded me of the colors on a carton of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (below).

As I was knitting these socks, I thought the socks looked a little wide for me. I measured my son's feet and it turns out his big ol' feet are not that much wider around than mine.  I asked him to try on the socks a few times as I was making them and I made the heel flap longer than I ordinarily do, thinking it would help him get the socks over the heel area of his feet.  The socks fit him snuggly and we decided that casting on a few extra stitches would have worked a bit better. This is Wisdom Yarn in the "Seattle" colorway.  After I finished up these socks, I cast on another pair in the "Chicago" colorway.  So now I know how many stitches to cast on and also how many rounds to complete in the foot portion.  It took me a few tries to get it just right on the Seattle pair. 

Zach wore these socks for a few days around the house and I noticed he kept jamming his toes in to the toe portion of the socks.  When he did, the heel portion was not sitting in the correct position at all.  After looking at the socks, I could tell I had made the foot portion about 15 rows too long!  He was a bit bummed because he wanted to wear the socks in his shoes and he said he could not since they did not fit just right (they were lumpy and bulky).  I found it ironic that I made them too long because I kept complaining that the socks were taking forever since they were intended for someone with size 12 socks.  Turns out I could have stopped knitting a lot sooner.

I unraveled the toe portion on both socks and then ripped out 15 rounds since I should have started the toe decreases 15 rounds sooner.  I think they are fitting much better now.  I did make a mistake on one of the toes.  On the first toe repair, I was very mindful to ensure the toe decreases at the side of the foot lined up with the gusset decreases but, on the second sock, I completely forgot about that. I think one of the socks sort of feels twisted for my son when he wears it since the decreases don't line up. I did not have the heart to rip out toe #2 a second time so I am contentedly knitting away on his "Chicago" socks, confident this next pair will fit even better.

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