Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knitting Monsters

Knit up some some monsters this week. 
Knit Picks sent an email to me and the Chubby Chirps pattern was attached.
So of course I had to make one.
Then I had to make some Monster Chunks.
 This Monster Chunk is Zach's; he picked the colors. He especially likes the eyes on this one.

Initially I did not put a mouth on this Monster Chunk.
I kind of liked how he looked without a mouth, too.

Funny how different the colors look in different lighting.  The feet are orange (more accurate in photo where the Monster Chunk has the mouth attached).

I think the Chubby Chirps pattern is especially adorable. I struggled with the beak a bit.
The Chirp is called "Pinto". Yep, he's filled with pinto beans. They all are.  I used rice in the foot of the green monster chunk but the rice can fall out if the knitting is not super tightly knit.

My little menagerie sat in the window today. They are pretty good company.  They are pretty darn cheerful, aren't they?

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