Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bernie: A hat

A hat called "Bernie" by the Bellsisters (Debbie and Susan)...

I knit this hat out of Berroco Weekend (fuschia pink), Berroco Comfort (pale ice blue), and Cascade Fixation (bright white). I've become Ravelry friends with the Bellsisters and they were nice enough to send me the pattern for "Bernie".  This was a very fun knit!  I especially love the top portion of the hat!  I also love the "houndstooth pattern" in the middle of the cap which is created rather simply just by slipping stitches.  The pattern looks complicated but the instructions say, "If you can knit with one color per row, then you can make Bernie!"  And that really is the case. 

"Bernie" is named in honor of the Bellsister's mom. Very sweet! 

The fuschia pink yarn in this hat was a gift from my good friend Harriet! Thanks Harriet!  I love it!

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