Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ouch! Cast Covers for Toasty Tootsies

Poor Pam!  She was petting a dog on a farm in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a few weeks back.

The dog was a great big dog (a Great Pyrenees).   A youthful, vivacious, great big dog.  Good dog!

A grumpy old sheep came along and apparently did not like the looks of the dog.  So the sheep some how collided with the dog and the dog some how collided with Pam.  Bad sheep!

Poor Pam!  Ankle broken in three places, both lower leg bones also broken, two plates and five screws placed during surgery.  Pam is now safely back home in Illinois but winter is coming and her toes were getting cold. She asked for some covers for her cast to keep her toes warm.   She suggested a cap "like for a new born".  I made six, hoping at least one would work well for her.

I made two in crochet (like the purple cap pictured above); one small and one large. It's hard to make something for someone several states away.

I made two in pale blue... one knit (above) and one crochet (below).

Finally, I made two using self-striping yarn in knit two, purl two ribbing; a short version and a longer version.  Pam says the one listed below is working out best. 

Sorry for the "not so glamorous" photos. I snapped the photos in my car on the way from work to the post office to mail these off.

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Anonymous said...

These are great... I know from a friend's experience keeping these on was a challenge. We solved that with the pony tail rubberbands that have hooks... Do they make those anymore?
I'm sure Pam is grateful for your fiber talents and your kindness.