Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cashmere Coffee Cup Cosy

I mentioned the website called in my last post. She has a cute coffee cup cosy pattern on that site available for free.  I started to make the cup cosy but after several rows, I discovered a mistake in my knitting (whoops...I missed some of the twisted stitches)... so I frogged it. It was not the end of the world; I was not happy with my yarn in that pattern.  But I do want to make the cup cosy on that website some day.

I ended up improvising the cup cosy pictured above. The yarn is Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in fingering weight. The colorway is "Butterfly Kisses" and it's a left over from a shawl I made earlier in the year called "Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl".  The yarn is yummy... it is soft and plump and contains cashmere.  I was tickled that I could eeek out yet another little project using this yarn.  Too good to go to waste!

Here are some notes on how to make this Coffee Cup Cosy.
  • Using US Size 2 1/2 (3.0 mm needle) double pointed needles, cast on 56 stitches. Join to knit in the round.
  • k2,p2 ribbing for 7 rounds.
  • Follow chart for basket weave "woven stitch" (chart below is from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder book).
  • Work Rows 1 through 8 of chart a total of 4 times (fewer or more times for a shorter or longer cup cosy; end with a Row 4 or a Row 8).
  • k2,p2 ribbing for 7 rounds
  • Bind off loosely in pattern (knit the knits, purl the purls).

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