Saturday, January 28, 2012

WIP's (Works In Progress)

Aside from working on my entrelac scarf this week, I wanted to show you some other WIP's (works in progress). 

My first Mystery KAL. 
The designer, Susanna IC, tells us how much yarn we need and how many beads we need. 
She is sending us a few rows at at time in the form of "Clues". 
This is Clue #1 through Clue #3 knit up.
I just received Clue #4 today. 
All I know is that I will end up with a crescent shaped shawl in the end.
This is yarn from the Sock Summit 2011 and I am making this project to go with my "little black dress" to wear to a special concert in April 2012.  More about that another day!

Silky Soft Socks
Pattern link HERE.
Using Lion Brand Sock Ease yarn in "Cotton Candy" colorway.

Bamboo Socks
Pattern link HERE. 
Using Shoppel-Wool Zauberball yarn in a colorway called "Durch die Blumen"
Thanks to many years of studying German,
I know that means "Through the Flowers" (clever girl that I am)!
But when I saw this yarn I saw "watermelon".  There is green in there, trust me;
you just can't see it yet!  I am purposely making the socks NOT matched... just for fun.

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