Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacation Knitting

A little break from my ongoing "travelogue" to show you what I've been knitting.  This is a knitting blog after all!  My goal for my recent trip out of town was to make as many stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings as possible. It made for simple packing of knitting supplies since I was essentially only bringing one project on which to work.  I did not finish as many stockings as I hoped; I guess that means I was too busy enjoying the sites in unfamiliar places. 

I made four of these stockings on our recent trip and only started the fifth one in the airport in New Orleans on the way home to Colorado.

I am calling this cap "Rain Forrest Ripple"

Same yarn as some of the stockings above (Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight Yarn...
(Ripple Eyelet Cap instructions to knit in the round can be found on Ravelry HERE).

I got in an organizing kind of mood yesterday.  I have a bad habit of printing off patterns, but have no organizational system to keep them straight.  The end result is that when I am looking for a pattern, I go back to the computer and printing off the pattern again.  A waste of paper and expensive ink!  I bit the bullet yesterday and started organizing.  I threw out lots of duplicates as well.  Now, if I can just get in the habit of putting new patterns in the binders when I print them off!
I used "Post-It" notes for labels.  Very simple and easy.

I also organized some of my kitchen cabinets yesterday.  I was on a roll.  I love days like that! 

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Very nice! especially the organizing that!