Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back from Vacation: Post #1

Could you guess from the previous post where we've been?
New Orleans, Louisiana! 
That was the first leg of our trip. 
I've got so much to share,
I've decided to stretch this out over a few posts.

While in New Orleans, I knew the one place we had to go was The Cafe Du Monde for beignets and hot coffee.  Yep, it's pretty much fried dough with a pile of powdered sugar on top.  It's a mess to eat as you can tell from the photo. 

 This park was not too far from the Cafe Du Monde... beautiful cathedral in the French Quarter.
 Another beautiful building in the French Quarter.
 In the evening, we enjoyed walking up and down the streets in the French Quarter.  I loved the architecture.  The balconies with beautiful flowers, the old brick structures with the wodden shutters...  I found it all quite appealing. 

We passed by this one home quite a few times.  Can you believe all the flowers on this balcony?  Gorgeous!

The Riverboat Natchez on the Mississippi River.  It's a real steam powered riverboat. 
We took a ride on this boat on our vacation.  More about that in a separate post.

We stayed at the J.W. Marriot right on Canal Street.  A nice place to rest after all of our touring about.
You just walk across Canal Street and you are in the French Quarter from this hotel.

We stayed on the 17th floor and had a great view of Canal Street.  Like I said, the French Quarter is just across the street.

Another view from the hotel, looking down into the French Quarter.

In the French Quarter one evening, I did stumble across a yarn shop!  Unfortunately, it was closed, but I did peek in the window for awhile. I had hoped to make it back to the shop before we left New Orleans, but never did.  We just had too many other things to see and do.


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

ooh, this brings back WONDERFUL memories of my visit their with my niece for her 18th birthday -- she had alligator and I had Jambalaya and we had those same beignet's for breakfast. Sigh. It's such a fascinating city, isn't it? LOVE, love, LOVE the French Quarter. Hope your ride down the Mississippi was calmer than mine -- I'm still getting massage from the fall on my tailbone on the wet deck during a very bad storm! Anyway, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics -- I'd forgotten about the beignets.

ColoradoMom said...

Jealous! Looks like a fantastic trip!!

affectioknit said...

Such a lovely place and a nice vacation...I've only been to New Orleans once and it was with a bunch of high school girls...not sure that we did it justice...we need to go back...