Monday, May 30, 2011

Operation Holiday Stockings

I keep this box under my bed.  I finish a stocking and put it in the box.  I've been making stockings on and off since Christmastime 2010... my goal is to make one stocking a week. Let's see how I am doing...

That's 17 stockings for American Soldiers... yay! 
I noticed as I was laying them out that no two are alike;
 they all have their own personality.
I love the stockings with the variegated yarn;
 I was sad when I used up the last of that skein.

I am trying to refine my pattern and my heels. 
This stocking has a traditional heel with heel flap, gusset, and so on...

This stocking has a short row heel. I am on a mission to figure out this type of heel. I've worked through at least three different tutorials I've found on-line (full of written instructions as well as photos and videos) and I still struggle with some pesky unwanted "eyelet" sort of holes here and there as I am turning the heel using this method.  

If ANYONE can steer me in the direction of a great, fantastic, fool-proof method for a short row heel... I'd love to hear all about it! 


Anonymous said...

They sure look cute all laid out and waiting to go and bring cheer to our soldiers.


Anonymous said...

I need the pattern! I have some red/ green yarn that would go great for these! You've done an super job on them! ;). K2

Kim said...

I will try to type up and add the stocking pattern, K2!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wow, that's a LOT OF stockings. Maybe I should get mine out and start it -- I've been putting it off until like Christmas Eve which is probably NOT a good idea!

baby boomer sue said...

Kim, I love the pictures and love the stockings. As I have mentioned earlier, these stockings are going to mean a lot to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The morale is very low and they need to know we haven't forgotten them. Thanks for caring and for your participation. Sue