Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waves of Chocolate Beaded Scarf is Complete!

Waves of Chocolate Beaded Scarf

On the blocking mats...

Ready for a "close up"...

Please forgive me for my "Kodak Fever"... again...

This was a challenging, but fun project.  I loved working with the Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton;
very smooth and silky to work with.  The beads are a bit of work
(you are always having to slide them down the ball of  yarn to get them out of your way).  
There are 18 rows in the pattern repeat and you have to place beads on all rows but two in the pattern repeat.  The beads are added in conjunction with yarnovers.  When you knit over the yarnover stitch where a bead(s) was placed on the previous row, you have to ensure the beads are either to the front or the back, but it's always changing.  I considered unraveling the project before I even got through the first 18 row pattern repeat, but I hung in there and it turned out I really enjoyed making this.

My knitting gal pal Marilyn helped me work through the first few rows to get me started... she typed up some tips about the pattern which helped a ton and at the top of her notes she commented, "this scarf is very complex but well worth the effort!"  I couldn't agree more.  

I can see knitting with more beads in my future.


affectioknit said...

It really is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

And Marilyn presented her with an "advanced knitter" award for completing this project without visible errors. :) I can only dream. - joelynjellybean