Monday, February 21, 2011

Beaded Bag OFFICIALLY Done!

I've actually had this done since the end of January but needed to sew in a liner.  I accomplished that today and am pretty happy with my little bag. No idea what I will do with it, but the bag is pretty cool and was fun to make.  It was a lot more work than I expected.  You may recall this yarn and bead combination was going to be a beaded scarf, but the yarn got re-purposed to make this pattern called "Exploring Spirals" by the Alarming Female.  The Ravelry pattern link can be found HERE.  

Ah, such pretty fabric.  I love this fabric with it's purple, green, tan, blue, aqua... both sides of the fabric are pretty in my opinion.  I was leaning toward using the wrong side of the fabric but my friend Harriet convinced me to use the right side of the fabric with the veins of gold. The beads have an iridescent quality to so the gold in the fabric liner really works! Thanks Harriet!

In case you are wondering, I used a lid from a Cool Whip container in the base of the bag.  I put two layers of quilt batting in the lid and then sandwiched the lid between two larger circles of fabric with the right side of the fabric facing out.  Then I stitched the circle together with the zipper foot on my machine to get close to the lid. Then I stitched a rectangle of fabric around the circle and then sewed the side seam to close the circle. Next I folded the top edge down to the desired height and then stitched it into the bag by hand.  Phew, it was a lot of work. It took me a few hours, but well worth it. The bag has a very nice finished look now and the fabric is sturdy enough to give the bag some more structure or body. 
Photo of the BOTTOM of the bag.

I am now madly working on my chocolate colored beaded scarf.  I am hoping to have it finished soon.  Will need some serious blocking but it's turning out nicely.  Can't wait to share when it's all done...


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It turned out so pretty. Harriet