Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chestnut Cable Cardigan

I can't hardly put this sweater down!  I found this pattern for a top-down cardigan on Lion Brand.  Click HERE for the pattern link.  I've made a few different top-down cardigans for babies from Lion Brand, so I was happy to see find this pattern for me the other day. I am not following Lion Brand's pattern to a "T". Instead, I am adding cables to other parts of the sweater.  Down the front, you can see mirror image cables from The Great American Aran Afghan.  Click HERE to see that square if you are interested.  On the sleeves, I am also adding a cable which resembles a braid.  When the sweater is complete, I will go back to the left and right fronts, pick up and knit stitches, and then knit about two inches of ribbing which matches the ribbing at the neck.  I sure hope this fits well! 

1 comment:

affectioknit said...

It's gorgeous so far! I love your changes and the colour is perfect for fall!