Friday, March 25, 2016

Bremen Muster: Very cool and very quick socks!


My friend, Belinda, made socks with this pattern several months ago. The pattern is called "Bremen Muster".  Belinda's socks turned out really nice. 

Belinda and I went shopping at a few yarn shops in Colorado Springs several months ago and she pointed out the yarn she had used for her pair of Bremen Muster socks.  So of course I had to get some yarn so I could make cool socks, too!

You have to sort of be a contortionist to take photos of yourself wearing socks.  Ha, ha! 

Here you can see the yarn is called "Frolicking Feet" by Done Roving Yarns in Maine. 
The color way is called "Fire and Ice".  I love the combination of gray, red, white, and black!

I will definitely make this pattern again.  It's fun to look at the completed Bremen Muster socks on Ravelry.  The yarn you chose has a big impact on how the socks turn out. On Ravely, I see several pairs made from self-striping sock yarns such as Opal and Regia and the pattern looks especially great with these yarns.  It gets me thinking about yarn in my stash that would probably look great in the Bremen Muster sock pattern. 

These socks are a really easy pattern and go surprisingly quickly. I had these socks knit up in LESS than a week! The pattern calls for 60 stitches per round so you can make the cool looking bubble design. The bubbles look complicated but they are not.  When you get to a point where you need to make a bubble you just knit seven rows in stockinette stitch over six stitches.  

The Bremen Muster pattern instructions focus on how to make the bubble design in the cuff, presuming you know how to knit a heel, foot, and toe.  I used my favorite basic sock pattern to complete the remainder of the sock and you can find that pattern HERE.  I did decrease my foot portion down to 56 stitches (from 60 stitches in the cuff) to make the foot portion a little more snug. 

The Bremen Muster pattern is a FREE PATTERN; you can find in HERE on Ravelry.

I am sure you'll be seeing more Bremen Muster socks here.  I am also inspired to make a hat using the bubble design.  I think the bubbles would look great on a hat.


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