Friday, July 24, 2015

What Do Ewe Think?

I recently finished up a sewing project for Pam.  She is my step-mother-in-law. She just bought a sheep named Destiny. Destiny will be in the Wisconsin State Fair soon and Pam wanted me to make six double-sided fabric panels for Destiny's pen at the fair. The panels are six feet wide and 15 inches long. 

Above: a finished panel. 

Above:  you can see there is a channel or casing where a wire can be inserted for hanging the panel. 

Super cute fabric right?

I used some blue painter's tape which is not too sticky to mark one inch and two inch intervals so I could stitch the casings. 

I used my Baby Lock machine "Molly" for this project and it worked great.  

This project was challenging for me just because of the volume of fabric and the size of the panels.  Pam sent 12 yards of fabric. The six foot panels were wider than my work table, too. 

I have some leftover scraps and I am looking forward to making something else with this fabric. Pam found this fabric on I think the fabric is called "Do Ewe Knit?"

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