Monday, February 16, 2015

Strangest color way... EVER!

Plymouth Yarn Company, Inc. Diversity Sock Yarn in the Oasis color way .

Plymouth Yarn Company, Inc. makes a great sock yarn called Diversity. I have made a few pairs already and I just love this yarn.

This color way is called Pizazz. 

I call them my Patriot socks. I am sure you can imagine why.

I also think U.S. Postal Workers should wear these socks. 

Am I right?

Then there is the color way called Palm Pink. 

I was surprised the stripes were not as defined in this color way. I expected them to stripe just like the red, white, and blue/grey colorway, but the stripes were more irregular.  I called these socks my Neopolitan Ice Cream Socks. 

Don't you see it, too?!  Ice cream. 

So now here is the Oasis colorway. 

I see watermelon colors but the black is an unexpected surprise. You will not believe how bizarre this looks knit up!

I am calling these my Ugly Socks? My Really Odd Socks?  I just don't know what to make of this odd colorway.  I never imagined the yarn would stripe this way. I am making the socks two at a time on two sets of double pointed needles to make them matchy-matchy. 

Tell me. If you worked for a yarn company and it was your job to name yarn based upon color and appearance, what name would you put on this yarn's label?  

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